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Why Financial Coaching?

Strengthen your relationship with money and get financially fit with MONEY LOGIC!

Organize and Direct your hard earned money

Attack your $$$ issues

Society has normalized debt and loss of financial control.  Most financial professionals teach us that debt is a tool for getting ahead.  That is bad advice.  Learning a new way of seeing things financially is critical.  With proper awareness, organization and planning, you can learn to direct your hard earned money with purpose and intention.  Successful people do consistently what others do occasionally or never. 

Money Logic will help you secure a better financial future by helping you change the way you handle money. 


This is the time to take control! 

Let us help you make a life changing commitment to charge down the path to financial wellness and freedom.

We understand everyone has a different relationship with their money. 

Our financial coaching services are confidential and custom designed to address your personal situation.










Many people do not realize that the underlying stress and anxiety in their lives is caused by financial troubles.

We help you solve these troubles.  Working multiple jobs, or maybe you are out of a job during this COVID pandemic?  Living paycheck to paycheck or unemployment check to unemployment check?  Rising costs everywhere you turn?  Sound familiar?  Often we lose site of the blessings life brings when we struggle financially to make ends meet.  Our financial coaching services will help you attack your money issues and put an end to the distracting stress and anxiety. 








Secure a better financial future


Often there is confusion about choosing a coach or a consultant. 

At Money Logic you get both!  Whether you are an individual, couple or business, we will facilitate a process that empowers you to move forward.  We focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past.  We teach you skills, provide you with tools and help you implement action plans designed to get you where you want to be financially. 


Get to where you want to be financially

Take Control!

Put an end to financial stress & anxiety


Monthly Cash Flow Planning      Getting out of Debt       Emergency Funds

Protecting my 'essentials'            Net Worth                       Mindset & Motivation

Student Loans & College              Retirement                     Insurance   

Mortgages & Foreclosures          Estate Planning             Bankruptcy                 


Dealing with Debt Collectors       Inheritance                     Gifting                  


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